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Posada Santa Maria la Real

Since its construction, the Posada de Santa María la Real has witnessed the events and the monastic atmosphere that is breathed in the monastery. Therefore, the hotel offers its guests a wide cultural offer both inside and outside its facilities.

Enjoy the inspiring environment in which lies the Posada Santa María la Real and transport yourself back in time.


Located in the sacristy, church and chapel of Cristo del Monasterio of Santa María la Real, the Expository Centre Romanesque and Territory ROM, aims to publicise the fascinating Romanesque history of the area and the monastery itself.


We offer personalised services so you can enjoy our surroundings by the hands of expert tour guides.

In addition, from time to time gastronomic events to promote the best of our cuisine are organised.

Also, we organised exclusive tours to the Romanesque churches by night. Not to miss!

Guided tours

Thanks to our situation, in an exceptional enclave, we have designed different and varied routes to share our most cherished treasures with visitors. We offer cultural tours, nature trails, ethnographic routes and even a la carte routes.